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Anedena Hair Salon Frisco TX

Get to Know Us

A Full-Service Hair Salon, Here for You

 Anedena Salon is the industry-leading Hair Salon in Frisco. We guarantee quality in all of our products and services, and are driven by our long withstanding commitment to our customers’ needs.  

 VIP Hair Specialities

 Hair Extensions | Keratin Treatments | Color Correction  

Anedena Salon's incredible hair stylists are ready to create your new look with cuts, color and hair extensions and treatments. Learn more about our hair salon services and stylist.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Specialist

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Producing results simply not possible with any other system, the Great Lengths Classic Thermal applicator tong is heated on one side. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair. Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the Classic Thermal applicator allows for a very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and non-damaging.

  • Thick and long hair  

  • Intense and long lasting colors

  • Quality hair extensions with healthy hair

  • Invisible and comfortable bonds

  • Safe and long lasting bonding with our innovative techniques

  • 100% ethically sourced, traceable virgin human hair from the sacred Temples of India

  • The most long-lasting, discreet and gentle attachment methods

  • Highly trained stylist who have successfully completed the professional industry's most comprehensive and awarded education curriculum for customized hair extensions

Keratin Treatments Brazilian Blowouts

Kereatin Treatments and Brazilian Blowouts
$250| $350

Brazilian Blowouts and Organic Keratin Treatments

  •  CUSTOMIZABLE - keep and define your curls OR go for  a sleek and smooth look.

  • GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES -wavy straight, curly or hair extensions ? If you’ve got frizz, we’ve got you covered!  

  • NO WAITING PERIOD - the minute you leave the salon you can immediately wash your hair, exercise, put it in a pony tail or clip without having to wait days to do so.

  • FINISHED IN THE SALON - in 80 minutes or less you get smooth, frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks.*

  • NO LINE OF DEMARCATION WITH NEW HAIR GROWTH - great for transitioning from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or keratin item

Color Correction

  Does it look brassy, stripy or does it wash you out? Would you like to see your hair more blended or more natural looking? Not every hair color correction is the same. Not all corrections are fast, some may take longer, use more product and be more expensive than you may be expecting.  Please Remember that the denisty and the length of your hair can vary price as well.  

Understanding Our Price List

*Online prices are base
*Stylist experience- Master Stylist and Colorist prices are higher than Stylist Prices. 
Master Stylist will also Provide extended Knowledge and Techniques you can continue to do at home.  Ever Wondered why you can't achieve the same style at home?  Let our Master Stylist educate you the trick of the trade with over 20 yrs of experience. 
 Ever wanted adjustments after a service? 
We stand behind our work and will make you feel comfortable in making any adjustments after any service.  We would like to support hairspration

Other Factors that causes price change:
*Products used- using higher end products and additives such as Olaplex and other treatments to achieve your desired results and protecting the integrity of your hair.

* Clients hair type (short/long | thick/thin) 
*Additional Toners


Frisco Hair Stylist and Colorist

Highlights and Color
Stylist | Prices

Base Price Listed

Other Factors that causes price change:*Products used- using higher end products and additives such as Olaplex and other treatments to achieve your desired results and protecting the integrity of your hair.* Clients hair type (short/long | thick/thin) *Additional Toners

Hair Coloring

Retouch $90-$110

Full Color $110-$150

Bleach Retouch $150

Full Bleach $250 

Full Bleach w Reverse Toning $300-$350

Corrective Color $180 hr


HighLights/Lowlights $175+

Partial $155+

Balayage $155+

Ombre' $155+

 Additional Charge for additional Base Color, Corrective Color, Thickness, and Length

Master Hair Stylist in Frisco TX

Master Stylist
Prices Include Shampoo | Blowdry | Iron Work

Men Hair Cuts $50

Women Short Haircuts $65-$85

Woman Med Haircuts $90-$110

Long Haircuts  $110-$130

under 10

Boys $35

Girls $35+ | $55

Company History

Dena Howard Owner

Anedena Salon has been established in Frisco since 2002, by Dena Howard.  Anedena Salon holds the reputation as one of the Best Hair Salon in the Frisco TX .  Our salon has the Texas charm in the heart of downtown Frisco. You will most defiantly feel comfortable with quality of service, fun personalities, and hip atmosphere.     Anedena Salon Professionals  are committed to providing exceptional service.


We have  pampered clients with customized services and quality products. Interested in treating yourself to one of our VIP treatments? Pop in today and see what we can do for you!

Dena Howard Hair Extensions

Our Values

Anedena Salon you will find a collection of the finest salon professionals to provide quality service to every patron seeking paramount hair care. Services will provide quality care, education, and inspiration to our clients. Our approach is by creating a pleasurable progressive atmosphere where you will feel confident with any professional at Anedena Salon.
The diverse beauty and expertise of our Master hair stylists assist in creating new hair ideas without disregarding the classics. Destined to appeal and gratify the fusion of business, trendy, leisure and family clientele alike.

Wind in the Hair
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